Saga Frontier Remastered Evaluate – A New Conventional for PS1 Remasters

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Restoring minimize information, breathing new existence into pre-rendered track record and previous sprite, although even addressing the games infamous lack of route, Saga Frontier Remasters draws a line in the sand, and sets a new common in what I expect in looking at an previous JRPG ported to the present day age.

Saga Frontier Remastered
Developer: Sq. Enix
Price: $24.99
Platforms: Pc, Playstation, Xbox, Mobile

Wow, two issues I under no circumstances imagined would occur all over. Saga Frontier not only gets a remaster, but also has a huge amount of its minimize written content restored? I have an affinity for PS1 JRPGs that get rid of a minimal on the chopping board because of to funds constraints, time or otherwise, and Saga Frontier 1 is one more a single of people game titles, and in this article I am bringing a assessment to you, the individuals. Mad how time functions out, isn’t it? SaGa Frontier is a JRPG belonging to the SaGa series at substantial that was initially introduced in Japan on July 11th, 1997 for the Sony Playstation 1 and later on March 25th, 1998 it observed a North American launch. It was, for the wide the vast majority of us, the to start with publicity to mainline SaGa and its open up-ended gameplay.



Saga Frontier has 7 key people originally who all have their own stories set in this entire world we perform in, who will fulfill distinctive individuals, do different matters and even have one of a kind gameplay mechanics for a character. The remaster in problem adds an 8th character who was slice initially, who sort of intersects with everyone’s story and offers some neat situations that perform with the final result of situations we are familiar with. Fuse, the 8th character, needs you to beat someone’s story just before you can perform his just take on it. I played innumerable hours of this recreation again in the day as properly as Lots of revisits over the yrs primary up to this, it’s just one of my complete most loved JRPGs of all time and I am satisfied to say it did an unquestionably amazing justice with this remaster!


A tiny little bit much more about what was truly accomplished here. The character sprites have had new daily life breathed into them, with the sprites cleaned up and crisped to a amount that leads to me hunting at figures, monsters, and extra by a clear lens. There were extra than a several sprites my head assumed were being Entirely various, and seeing them by way of a clear lens created me say aloud “OH That’s WHAT THAT WAS”, particularly when it comes to the mechanical people.  The by now rather pre-rendered backgrounds have been run by means of some ridiculous AI upscaling robot and they are seeking sharper than ever, even if I occasionally place a handful of rough-hunting places, the over-all high-quality of the upscale is amazing.

The game (and most entries in the series) are famed for not owning a TON of route at occasions, and they have taken wonderful care to give gamers a tiny bit much more agency in finding out what will come up coming alternatively than leaving it up to a grand exploration of just about every site you can go to. It’s the form of match that only gets greater as you get far more familiar with its program and entire world, but I am glad to say that the barrier for entry has been reduced fairly a bit and it is Much more welcoming than its PS1 counterpart for new players.



Overcome and character building are some of my preferred units around in this activity.  There are multiple races for you to build your get together from. The flexible individuals, effective vampire mages, the Mystics, Sturdy and powerful Mecs, or even shapeshifting Monsters to add to your party. Each individual of these races both learns skills in different strategies and grows in distinctive means.  We will get to individuals last simply because they tie in with a single of my favourite dopamine rushes in gaming. Mystics can master magic the natural way as nicely as stage up their stats immediately after struggle but what definitely makes them glow are their particular, monster absorbing weapons. A Sword, Gloves, and boots are all assaults that you can soak up a monster into, boosting your stats up and supplying you accessibility to a impressive monster technique. This potential customers to tons of exciting setups as you can make attack-based powerhouses, speedy aid units, and extra with this race. Mecs have stats that are identified by the tools you have them outfitted with, with swords producing them much better, armor growing defensive stats and HP as well as exclusive circuit boards that unlock exclusive assaults and different stat bonuses. They are capable of absorbing particular systems from enemy mecs as nicely that will help provide about machine superiority in your party. Regarded as a tiny far more superior to effectively establish, Monsters take up tactics from defeated foes, expanding their HP for just about every new capacity learned, as well as switching the monster’s variety based on essential approaches it has as effectively as HP thresholds for much better monster varieties. A solid monster can be a massive boon to the bash, but it can also consider a lot of time and devotion to get to their comprehensive prospective.



The race I remaining for previous, People is a best possibility to speak about strategies as well as the updated translation of the remaster. A Human can attack some thing, and ideal ahead of they really attack, a thing comes about. A pleasant noise dings off and your character has a lightbulb pop over their h d  and then increase, a flashy new assault pops off, no cost of price tag from means. The local community generally referred to it as sparking a new strategy again in the working day, but now it has been up-to-date with the expression much more often employed now that additional of the series has gotten translated, which is “Glimmer”. When not fairly sounding rather as wonderful to me, this is a modify that is in line with MOST approach names and conditions to be set in line with the rest of the sequence, and it’s just anything I will have to get utilized to. I never ever get drained of this mechanic, just about every time I listen to that seem or see the lightbulb I simply cannot help but get thrilled about what is going to appear just after that. I have even experienced Numerous occasions of a very good glimmer shifting the course of a struggle for me, it just is a fantastic mechanic and often a joy to see. Humans will amount up stats after struggle, and in the scenario of guns or magic, they have a probability to understand a new method in that course of abilities.

In struggle, your people can incorporate assaults into a combo that may differ from amount 2 all the way to 5, depending on how a lot of people are taking part in the assault. This will make the technique in the combo Far stronger as properly, with a level 5 combo executing big destruction to your foes and producing you truly feel like a strategic mastermind (even if it’s partly random) with a large flashy result to signify the start of the combo. I also adore the small result the problems quantities do when you break 9,999 injury in a single assault or combo, it is just an additional minor really feel-fantastic visual outcome that this activity is complete of.

The soundtrack is out-of-control excellent as well, Kenji Ito places out an additional iconic soundtrack that fully can take benefit of the CD good quality sound the PS1 introduced to the collection. You can obtain me listening to the complete soundtrack on the frequent, but every one struggle theme in this collection is a bop and are the highlights of this varied soundtrack. Jazz, tough rock all the way to some fantastic aged country bumpkin sounding tunes are current below, and they are all accomplished quite effectively.

The Last Phrase
I can discuss on and on about this match, but I definitely consider this activity only gets superior when you go out, and begin participating in it.  Uncover some places you should not be exploring yet, get a match above, locate a exclusive product you will revisit on just about every character and additional.  Just get out there and participate in Saga Frontier!  This remaster has really built this an a lot easier position than ever, and as a devoted enthusiast of the collection I truthfully could not be happier with the position performed listed here.  One of my favorites has been lastly finished justice, and there are rumors of Saga Frontier 2 acquiring a related treatment (I hope there is some attention paid to balancing even so in that one, it actually demands it!). Right after observing all of the love staying paid out to previous catalogues of SquareSoft JRPG’s, I leave you with this. Make sure you. Xenogears. I beg of you!


– MonsterVine Rating: 5 out of 5 – Exceptional