Putty Putter – Beta Demo

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Putty Putter is a clever and devilishly tricky sokoban-type block pushing video game wherever you can use your surroundings to extend by yourself into practical styles.

A lot like in golfing, in just about every degree of Putty Putter your purpose is to knock a ball (or quite a few balls) into a hole. You get started each individual level with a modest square of putty which you can transfer close to and press other objects with as in a conventional sokoban match. However, you can also press Change and a route to make your sq. of putty increase in that route.

Having the balls in the holes can usually have to have you to be a individual form and moving certain objects normally calls for you to be a sure mass (this kind of as 6 blocks massive). This and the fact that every degree is fairly cramped implies that you have to be incredibly tactical with your actions and the instructions you extend in.

It is a uncomplicated strategy which is cleverly executed and allows for some remarkably difficult puzzles that require actual thought and preparing to thrive. As well as there’s some thing oddly fulfilling about the way your putty expands to fill the house they are in!

Download The Putty Putter Beta Demo Right here (Windows)