Outrider’s loot and crafting system is brilliant

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Outriders is an extremely uneven game. Its story is all over the place, oscillating between good and confusing, its different combat encounters often stretch on far too long, and a lot of features are covered in a thin coating of jank. And that’s without even mentioning all its launch issues, including offline servers, a bug that wiped a few players’ inventories, and co-op multiplayer that I still can’t get to work. And yet, here I am still playing 20 hours later even after I’ve beaten the main story. For all Outriders can get wrong, it gets one thing very right: loot.

This really hit home for me near the tail end of the campaign. Like Morgan, who reviewed Outriders, I spent a good many hours feeling like I was woefully underpowered against the enemies I was fighting. I died more often than I have in any shooter campaign in recent memory. Instead of giving up and dropping the difficulty down (my pride, after all), I began tinkering with Outrider’s crafting system. The more I tinkered, the more I realized the genius behind Outriders’ loot and how it enables different playstyles. And then I found a build that turned me into an unstoppable, fiery god of war. 

Grind my gears 

Outriders isn’t stingy with making you feel powerful.