Hurdle via the hellmouth in this occult retro FPS

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I’m just heading to say it: magic is only interesting when it is coming out of your fingers. Every second I’m pressured to use a wand when pretending to be a great and impressive wizard is an insult. As an unbridled font of arcane power, I do not want to wave a foolish very little stick about. I want to point at a little something and have it unmade, if possible by some kind of strength bolt or unfathomable beam. Fortunately, Into the Pit is a boomer shooter roguelite that understands me. When I’m sprinting at Olympic speeds through its shifting hellscape in a blur of demonic carnage, I’m trustworthy with only two fistfuls of magic and a agency belief that I can kill whatever dark god is waiting around a couple floors down, no wavy twig demanded. This is what regard looks like.

You’ve adopted your cousin’s letters to a village that, in prior generations, has managed to be quite chill about the yawning demonic Pit in its midst. Sadly, its newest Alderman is considerably less “let’s hold the abyss quietly sealed” and a lot more “I would like a legion of demons actually,” and quickly plunged the township into unholy damage. To rescue your cousin and stop an eldritch apocalypse, you will have to descend through recurring runs in the randomized domains of the Pit, freeing villagers and strengthening your magic by way of aged-university, rapid-paced FPS fight.