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A video game that usually takes cues from Animal Crossing, but is set on a haunted island? Count me in.

Taking on the job of a ‘spirit scout’, Cozy Grove sees you arrive on the titular island, seemingly deserted apart from your very own fireplace and tent. It turns out you are not rather on your own, while the island is inhabited by a selection of spirits, all of whom will need your enable in some way. These spirits will established you tasks to comprehensive, and by accomplishing them, you are going to mature bonds with every single spirit. Development by way of the match by completing jobs and you’ll meet extra and far more new spirits, growing Cozy Grove as you do.

On the other hand, this is not the kind of recreation you can sit down with for several hours at a time, racing as a result of its story. No you can only participate in for a little quantity of time in just one sitting. I’m two months in to my Cozy Grove adventure, only in a position to invest about 30 minutes with the game just about every working day. For the first several times, the twee jobs the activity has you comprehensive are enjoyable – you’ll scavenge for concealed items that the island’s spirits ask you for. And by gathering means, you will accrue an arsenal of equipment –  a shovel to dig with, a pickaxe to mine rocks with, a fishing rod to fish with, and much more.


But six or 7 times into your island getaway, you are going to achieve something of an deadlock. All those as soon as-pleasurable tasks commence to develop into monotonous, and there is small to blend it up. Responsibilities that are anything much more than only locate-and-request often get way too extensive to total I have 1, for instance, that demands me to craft an merchandise that calls for several elements, a person of which is a boiled egg. I have all the other goods. I do not have a boiled egg. The recipe for a boiled egg? Twelve regular eggs. I have no way of gathering eggs other than obtaining them one particular for every day from the island’s vendor. That implies it is likely to choose me 12 real days (providing I enjoy each and every working day) to complete one job. A job that will no question halt progress of the recreation at substantial in the meantime.

Cozy Grove

And so whilst some responsibilities have no time limitations, delighted for you to just take almost two months to comprehensive them, some others have rigid timers on them, permitting you only a several hrs. It is no issue if it is an quick activity requiring things that you have to hand. But often, you have no way to entire it in just the time only since you really do not have the demanded product, and you have no selection but to move on it, missing out on the reward of connection-developing with the island spirit that presented it to you. It also indicates that stock area becomes an problem incredibly quickly. You can improve your storage, but it is highly-priced. There is a perpetual sensation that you really don’t want to get rid of just about anything in case you may require it one more day (maybe I previously had a boiled egg and obtained rid of it…) but you need to continue to keep clearing things out to make room for the stuff you do have to have. It’s not a big issue, but it is irksome.

Limiting the total of exercise you can comprehensive in a working day is a purposeful design decision from developer Spry Fox, but with out considerably else to do to go the time, I’m not confident it was the proper selection. Absolutely sure, you can proceed to scavenge the island for everything you may well have skipped, or go fishing with what seems to be a limitless supply of fish, but people routines get dull really promptly. There is nothing in this article that will make you want to continue to be on Cozy Grove just after you’ve ticked off your day’s to-do listing.

Cozy Grove

In fact, it feels at periods that Cozy Grove has taken only the most repetitive, mundane pieces of Animal Crossing and remaining out the features that retain players heading back again. There is no developing of a property (outside the house of haphazardly slapping down items of home furnishings on the patch of floor outside the house your tent, that is) there is no island preparing or planning there is no other islands or close friends to go and stop by. Guaranteed, Blathers’ museum has been replicated in the type of a captain who will archive just one of each and every product you come across on the island, but this is a person of the number of authentic satisfying components of Cozy Grove. And after an first surge of new finds, the amount of money of objects you are equipped to convert into him will become a trickle following only a several days.

Even following taking part in the sport for two weeks, I’m well aware that I have not observed almost everything that Cozy Grove has to offer you. There’s a full host of missions I’m however to get, and there are a lot of spirits I have not met yet. It is a actual probability that some of individuals spirits may possibly carry new mechanics to the island, presenting extra matters to do. But half a month of participating in a match is additional than ample time to type a honest view. Likelihood are, if a match does not gel with anyone following the first couple times, they are not going to maintain actively playing.

Cozy Grove

That claimed, I am heading to preserve playing. Irrespective of my pleasure of Cozy Grove wavering following the 1st many times, there’s something about my minimal island that keeps pulling me again. Of course, the quests are tiresome and some of the recipes check with for way also a great deal, but there is a selected charm. I am curious about what else awaits for me as I progress. It also will help that the match appears to be like beautiful its intricate hand-drawn artwork style starts out in monochrome, but as you full duties for spirits, the spot all over them fills with color. It is a sight to behold. It seemingly delivers some troubles, although even on PS5, the game’s overall performance is lacking. Ideally this is one thing that will be fixed through a patch, but at present you can count on frequent noticeable drops in framerate and an in general sluggishness.

For all its imperfections, Cozy Grove is pleasurable ample, even if it does begin to get monotonous immediately after a very little whilst. Its restricted every day playtime is suited much better to a cellular system, but even on console there is a little something great about owning somewhere to visit for a brief although each and every working day. There does will need to be additional to retain gamers occupied outside the house of a handful of quests, nevertheless. And functionality is an situation that genuinely requirements to be resolved. Do not hope a alternative for Animal Crossing, but Cozy Grove will increase a smile or two.

Cozy Grove Evaluation: GameSpew’s Score

GameSpew Our Score 6

Cozy Grove is readily available on Computer system, PS4, Xbox Just one and Switch. We reviewed the PS4 variation of the video game (played on PS5) by using a code provided by the publisher.