Caves of Qud update has relaxed story mode and a coral-encrusted arcology

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Impressively large and strange roguelike Caves of Qud has a new update out on October 25, a big one adding two new regions, a new village, and a bunch of improvements for those looking to get into what can be an intimidating genre. 

In short, the creators say that the patch, called Palladium Reef, has got: “Wander and Roleplay modes, 9 preset builds, gorgeous new chargen UI, an arcology plastered in coral, gutsmongers and organ markets, thousand-year-old frogs, biblically accurate angels, extradimensional clams, anarchist commune, an algae snack, something called “sunslag”, skin glitter, tongue tyrants, spaser weapons, star kraken, flowerfolk, psychal fleshgun, and a conversation pit.”