Best Single Speed Bikes

Bikes are the cleanest, healthiest, most affordable, efficient and eco-friendliest form of transportation. They are proven stress-relievers and provide mobility for people who are not qualified to drive cars. Taking in consideration all the benefits that come out of bikes, it becomes clear why cycling is referred as ,,the new golf,,. In recent years the bicycles sales have grown by more than 30% per annum, proving that the so called ,,bicycle craze,, is an ongoing issue.

If struggling which single speed bicycle  model is best suited for you, check out this list of the 10 best single  speed bikes currently available on Amazon.


Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike

The Pure Fix Bike features high tensile fully Tig-welded steel frame and deep dish 50mm wheels, which serve exceptionally well even on rougher roads. The frame geometry is especially designed for rides around the city. The wheelset features deep dish style alloy rims laced to a pair of KT Quando hubs. The flip flop rear wheel hub enables an easy switch from fixed gear mode to single speed mode. The urban inspired stance has a slightly aggressive appearance. The Pure Fix Bike features Thick Slick 700cc x 28 Kenda tires and tubes, Oury grips and KMC chain. The Wellgo aluminum pedals are quite strong and provide an extra grip. The front brake can be easily removed. Pure Fix uses a Lasco laser cut three piece crank with a sealed bottom bracket. The wide handlebars with BMX style grips feature a single calliper front brake.

The Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike is the best choice for both casual cyclists and wannabe pro riders. Although the Pure Fix is loaded with heavyweight features, it comes at a friendly price. The main feature that makes this bike stand out, is its versatility. It is suitable for all riding situations, while providing safety, pleasure and comfort. The bike is available in a variety of color combinations. The only con of the Pure Fix is that it comes in poor packaging thus increasing the risk of damaging the bike part and components.


Retrospec Mantra Fixie Bicycle

The tungsten inert gas welded high tensile steel frame is extremely durable, but relatively light weighted (around 20Ibs), thus ensuring easy, comfortable and save ride. Both the frame and fork have bar spin clearance, horizontal dropouts and no toe overlap. The flip flop hub with 16t freewheel and fixed cogs, makes easy conversion from fixed gear mode to single speed mode. Featuring weatherproof sealed bearing hubs, the dirt and moisture are kept out of the hubs and the maintenance requirements are extremely low. The bike features a very reliable, dual clipper alloy Promax front brake. The Retrospec Mantra is equipped with a water bottle mount, kickstand mount, comfortable saddle, reliable KMC chains and platform pedals. The pedaling efficiency is increased by the Retrospec synthetic BMX straps. Sporting dual wall 700’’ alloy wheels with Kenda tires, deep V rims and sealed cartridge bearings, the Retrospec Mantra offers smooth ride at almost any weather condition. The riser type of bars provide a more upright riding position. The recommended weight limit for the Retrospec Mantra rider is 220Ibs.

The chic minimalistic design makes the Retrospect Mantra elegant, while the single speed feature makes it easy to handle. It is the perfect combination of urban, stylish look and rock solid performance. His time-tested design with a unique minimalistic touch make this bike a real eye-catcher, available in a wide array of colors. Taking everything into consideration the Retrospec Mantra is a commuter bike, best suited for leisure rides around the city.


The Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Being 33.5’’ high and weighting 35.21Ib the Takara Kabuto Bike is available in a variety of vibrant colors. It has an eye catching design, intricately done, designed handles and front and rear, alloy side pulling brakes that are not only functional and reliable, but also stylish. The welded steel frame with horizontal dropouts and sturdy fork, ensure the longevity of the bike. The frame is crafted to withstand the pressure from both the user and the ground. The flip flop type of tube allows quick toggling between using the bike in a fixed gear mode and in a standard freewheel single speed mode, thus eliminating the need for complicated gearing systems. The 700’’ wheels are stable, strong and durable. The bike features a comfortable and sturdy padded seat and a smartly designed kickstand for safe and pleasant pauses. The Kenda 700x32c tires offer smooth rides on fine city roads. The bike is best suited for riders 5’8’’ to 6’2’’ in height.

The Takara Kabutocan be easily maneuvered through traffic and the affordability of the bike goes far beyond its actual cost. Faithfully devoted to simplicity, the bike does not require frequent maintenance. Equipped with high-quality features, it is a great model to own. The only problem with this bike is that the tires are not best suited for rough terrains. All in all, the Takara Kabuto Bike is the perfect solution for people seeking quick, comfortable and affordable way around the city.


Vilano Single Speed Road Bike

The Vilano Bike has a tig welded hi-ten steel frame and a Threadless fork. The riser style handle bars and the brakes, are both made from solid alloy. The Vilano bike has urban, padded and sturdy seat and free platform pedals. The bike features a forged alloy crankset with replaceable chainring, 1/8th inch KMC chain, alloy caliper front and rear brakes and 700cx28c tires. The Vilano Bike has 45mm double walled deep-V anodized wheels with matching anodized hubs. The flip flop hub enables easy switch from single speed mode to fixed speed mode.

This low maintenance bike is practical, affordable and fun to ride. Available in 7 different striking color combinations, the overall appearance of the bike can be described as urban and stylish. However the quality of the bike goes far beyond its general appearance. The high-quality components assure the longevity of the bike. Offering smooth and stable riding experience, the Vilano Bike is best suited for people who want to enjoy riding across the city. All in all, it can be said that the bike fulfills the needs of entry-level cyclists. On the flip side, due to the low price of the bike, the tires are not top of the list type of tires. After approximately a year of usage, they need to be changed. Additionally, if you intend taking longer excursions with this bike, replacing the original saddle with a more comfortable one, is a very good idea.


Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bike

The Firmstrong Urban is a chopper style beach cruiser that offers smooth ride and easy pedaling. When fully assembled the bike weights approximately 38Ibs. The bike has a classical 17” Steel Frame with 26” Aluminum Wheels. Featuring coaster brakes, the bike is free of hanging cables and complicated gear systems and the brake engages by simply pedaling backwards. The coaster brake offers not only easy pedaling but smooth braking, too. Additional comfort is provided by the dual spring oversized, cushy cruiser saddle. The saddle’s height can be properly adjusted to fit the riders needs. The26’’x2.125” KendaWhite-Wal tires are wide, stable and reliable, thus ensuring cushioned ride and easy rolling.  The 28.5” wide, swept-back handlebarshave high density foam grips and adjustable height. The Firmstrong Urban Bike features forged One Piece 40T crankset, a KMC Z-410 chain and rubber block pedals.

Designed in Hermosa Beach, LA, the one word that best describes this bike is simplicity. The Firmstrong urban is the perfect blend of style and high-quality components. The overall appearance of the bike can be enriched by stainless steel spokes and color matched fenders.The general conformation of the bike, promotesan upright riding position which takes the pressure off of the back.Although the Firmstrong Urban is a single speed bike, the rider will be able to maintain constant cruising speed from 5-15mph. It is best suited for casual riding around the town or along the beachside, by men 5’4” – 6’2” tall.                                                                                                                                                  

Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike

Weighting only 25Ibs this is one of the lightest bikes available on the market. The light and spin-friendly, tig-welded frame with horizontal dropouts are perfect for performing tricks. The frame is designed to give the rider a comfortable and versatile upright position and good visibility. An even more upright position is enabled by the BMX style bars. Going from fixie to single speed bike is quick, simple and enabled by the flip flop type of hub. The wheelset features a flip-flop rear (16t) with a freewheel cog attached. The specifically designed, double walled, alloy and moderately deep V in style, Wanda tires offer smooth ride through rough roads and tough terrains. The tires are available in a variety of colors. The Critical Cycles Road Bike features 46t Protek cranks, a KMC chain, a Sunrun front wheel, Promax brakes and Well-Go pedals. The only negative feature about this bike is that it comes with only one rear dual caliper Promax brake. However adjustments can be made, since the front fork  is drilled and allows additional brake installation.

There is no fixie enthusiast, that will not appreciate the Critical Cycles Urban Bike features. It is perfect for both, casual riding and doing tricks. The high-quality parts and components offer a safe, comfortable and enjoyable ride at any conditions. With a nearly unbeatable price tag, this bike is the real deal.

Havana Single Speed Fixie Bike

The track geometry of the Havana Single Speed Fixie Bike is definitely race-inspired, although some review cite that it is an all-around bicycle with a relatively comfortable geomtery. The overall bike weight is 25Ibs, while the overall height from top to bottom is 40’’. Constructed using 4130 chromoly, the bike is durable, yet light. Featuring flip flop type of hub, this bike can be ridden either as a single speed bike or fixie bike. The orange, stainless steel frame comes with 1 year warranty. The Havana Bike features 43mm Deep V Rims and front and rear dual calliper brakes. In spite of the brake lever’s tiny appearance, they provide an impressive amount of leverage. The attractive bullhorn type of bars offers maximum comfort and change in the arms position during the ride.

The vibrant orange finish perfectly complimented by the black accessories and decals, make the Havana Single Speed Fixie Bike stand out from the crowd. Additionally it is very easy to assemble. On the downside, personalization options are not available with this model. Another con, is that its brand name is not widely recognizable. This bike is best suited for riders 5’11’’ to 6’3’’ in height and under 300OIbs in weight. Being equipment wise and offering smooth and easy rides, the Havana Single Speed Fixie Bike is one of the best single speed/fixed gear bikes under 500$.




Dublin Single Speed Fixie Bike

The race-inspired track geometry of the bike, makes the overall appearance of the bike sleek and stylish. The black matte frame is made of high class, solid, 4130 Chromoly steel while the flip flop hub enables easy switching from single speed bike to fixed gear bike. The frame comes in three sizes – small(52cm), medium (56cm) and large (60cm).  The Dublin Single Speed Fixie Bike features very safe front and rear dual caliper hand brakes and 43mm Deep V-shaped Rims, but it does not have a kick stand. The height adjustable bullhorn shaped handlebars provide not only maximum comfort, but also superb looks. Additional comfort is provided by the handlebar’s wrapping. The bike features 700c x 23mm tires.

The Dublin Bike not only looks good, but also feels good. The quality, time and effort it took to build a bike like this, can not be measured. Although the bike feels extremely light weighted it is a strong and sturdy machine that can take on tough and rough roads. The Dublin Bike offers a smooth, comfortable and safe ride on different terrain types. This cheap and easy to ride bike, is especially designed for strength, leisure and durability. However, the brakes are too weak for the bike’s caliber, thus it is highly advisable to have them replaced and upgraded. Another con of the Dublin Bike is that the handlebars do not stay tight while riding and need require regular maintenance. On the other side, the bike is very easy to assemble.

State Bicycle Co Fixie Single Speed Bike                                                                                        

Strength and vibration resistance are provided by the high-quality, lightweight, 4130 chromoly frame and fork. The chrome frame and fork ensure that corner negotiations are a breeze. The crankset is forged aluminum and it is paired to a sealed bottom bracket. The State Bicycle features front and rear brakes, Wellgo alloy pedals, tape-wrapped aluminum bullhorn shaped handlebars and 700C light-weight aluminum track wheels and deep V-shaped 43mm wheelset. The wheelset has a flip-flop hub, with both a fixed and a freewheel cog installed. The State Bicycle has wide, stable, 700 x 23c tires with durable tire trades, which provide smooth and bump-free ride. The comfortable 27mm seat post saddle is customized to protect your back from chronic aches.

The attractive, unique and impeccable design of this limited edition model, makes the State Bicycle an real eye catcher. The bike offers a smooth, solid and comfortable ride for both cruising down and going uphill. The state Bicycle is perfect for recreational rides and daily commutes. Because it is light-weighted, the bike can go on high speeds. On the flip side, regardless of its specifications, this bike is a bit pricy. Furthermore it comes in a bad package and it is not uncommon for some part and components to arrive damaged. Last, but not least, the seat is quite uncomfortable, especially after longer rides and it is advisable to have it replaced. The state Bicycle comes with a one year warranty.


Golden Cycles Steel Frame Fixie With Deep V Rims-Collection                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The high tensile steel frame and fully tig-welded 1-1/8’’ fork are well known for their great strength, sturdiness and extreme durability. Equipped with a 32Hole Sealed Bearing flip-flop hub, this bike allows you to shift from single speed free wheel to fixed gear mode. The deep alloy rims, enable you to go free wheel, without pedaling. The Golden Cycle Bike features 700c x 25 Kenda brakes and the tires have their front radius forged with alloy for additional reliability and strength. The BMX platform pedals are strong, highly durable and ideal for movement. The Golden Cycles Bike features alloy custom rise handlebars and alloy 46T chain-ring crank.

No matter how bumpy the road is, the Golden Cycles Bike promises a smooth, comfortable and hassle free ride. The best thing about this bike is that it is flexible on various roads. It is perfect for leisure cruises and commuter rides. The bike can be customized and personalized according to your preferences. The Golden Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Road Bike’s assembly is extremely easy. On the flip side, the tires are made by a low-quality material and should be replaced with better models. Another con of the Golden Cycles Bike is that the handlebars are not very comfortable to grip, especially in hot weather and when sweating. All in all, this bike model goes beyond just another good-looking sight on the road and it is quite affordable.



Choosing the best bike from the plethora of choices available on the market can be rather difficult. The ever growing number of options makes the challenge even more daunting. Each bike has a different purpose and range of features. Although the ultimate decision is based on personal preferences, there are few buying steps and rules that should be followed.

First of all, you need to decide what kind of biking you want to do – long distance riding, mountain riding, trail raiding, road riding or simple spins around the block and choose the bike type best fitted for such purpose – road bike, city/commuter bike, hybrid, lifestyle bike, mountain bike. When making these decisions you need to consider few factors – what type of terrain you will be riding on, what driving distance will you cover and last, but not least, what do you want to accomplish.

The next step is deciding how much money are you prepared to invest for your cycling adventures. You need to decide between price and quality or find the perfect balance between these two criteria. Keep in mind that you should spend approximately two thirds of the decided amount on the bike itself, while the other third should be spent on biking accessories.

Before visiting the bike sore, it is highly advisable to borrow bikes from few friends and have them ride tested in order to see which model fits you best.

Once you are in the store you need to remember two rules: never discard a bike simply because its name implies certain purpose and never purchase the first bike that catches your attention.

Ask the salesman to help you find the right bike size. Bikes come in a variety of frame sizes. Almost all manufacturers have size charts that list a height range for each bike size. You can either choose a entry-level model or top-of-the-shelf model, but one thing is for sure – the model must fit you. You should choose the model that allows you to easily touch the ground while maintaining control over the bike. Once you find the perfect frame size, you can make few adjustments such as seat height, saddle position, handlebars height and reach. The seat height affects the level of comfort while riding the bike. Another important factor is the size of the wheels. While larger wheels improve the speed, oversized wheels make the riding more difficult. In the end, choose the right bike features, components and additional accessories. Common additional components include water bottle cages, lights, pump locks and cycle computers, while additional biking accessories include helmets, gloves and padded bike shorts.

With everything said, focus your options on three models that meet your criteria best and take each model for a test ride. After the test ride, you are prepared to make the final decision. Following the final decision, make sure your chosen bike is professionally assembled.